Paul Kitchen | Waiting to Fly Live From the inSync Asylum Video

Paul Kitchen | Waiting to Fly Live From the inSync Asylum. For the 19th date on my ‘No Rhyme or Reason Tour’, I chose to do this song from the ‘And We Dream’ album. In all honesty I had a hell of a time getting to something I could share, and after many takes this is what I came up with. My hair did not survive, as I apparently tried to pull it out.. I started with the 8 track tape recording, detected the tempo, and ended up keeping only one guitar track – my melody maker recorded in ‘1992 or so. I added keyboard bass and keys, as well as banging out the beat on my desk – my new Cajon! Also due to my issue with headphones, tinitus, vertigo and the rest, I had to just play along with the speakers. So as Elvis said, “let it bleed”. All in all, this is one of my favorite songs that I’ve written, and hopefully you will enjoy it.

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