Paul Kitchen | Crazy Wind Live From the inSync Asylum

Paul Kitchen | Crazy Wind Live From the inSync Asylum. The 17th date on my ‘No Rhyme or Reason Tour’. I wrote the song Crazy Wind 38 years ago. It was included on an early collection of songs of mine titled ‘Silent Tears’, which I finished in July of 1982. It took me a bit of time to figure out how to play this song now. The recordings from back then are in tune with themselves hopefully, but not so much my digital tuner today. If you want to hear the earlier recording, check out Episode 11 of my Podcast. For the backing track for this, there was nothing from the 1982 recording I could use, so I recorded Guitars, Keys, Drums and Percussion for this prior to doing the live take yesterday. It’s a quirky catchy tune – be sure you want it in your head before listening…

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