Trip Note: 1978-2018 Vol. 1
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Release date : May. 28, 2021
Label : Yin and Wack Records


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Paul Kitchen
Trip Note: 1978-2018 Vol. 1

Words and Music: Paul Kitchen
Produced by Paul Kitchen
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered at the InSync Asylum
Studios V and B by Paul Kitchen. 1978 – 2018
Mastered at the InSync Asylum Studio V by Paul Kitchen 2020-2021
Cover Art/Design: Paul Kitchen/Yin And Wack

Paul Kitchen: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion.
Doug Ortega: Keyboards 1,4,6,15,16
Scott Rishebarger: Drums 1,4,6,8,9,10,15,16
Mark Rishebarger: Guitar 1,4,6,15,16

Published 2021 Self Conscious Music. All Rights Reserved.
© 2021 Yin and Wack Records.
released May 28, 2021