New Album | Live From The InSync Asylum: Volume 1

New Album Out Now | Live from the InSync Asylum: Volume 1

When I released the ‘In Trouble’ double single in late March of this year, I said it was from my upcoming album.  This is not that album. It wasn’t until a few weeks back that it dawned on me I had another new album if I wanted one, sitting right there on my hard drive.  After spending a little time remixing and mastering it, I think Volume 1 is a pretty special collection of songs, and a definite sign of the times. It’s also the first collection of songs I’ve ever done where you can watch the whole thing on YouTube. Without the unfortunate Covid-19 outbreak (which is still in full force in much of the world), this album would not exist.  Check out Episode 19 of the Podcast where I discuss the album in detail…

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