Podcast Episode 16 Q3. Paul Kitchen | Live from the InSync Asylum

Two Live Performances and two unreleased tracks from Trip Note. Episode 16 of Live from the InSync Asylum!

Welcome to Episode 16 of my podcast.  Let me take you on a tour of over 40 years of words and music, Live from the InSync Asylum. Featuring rare and unreleased music as well as live performances. This episode features two unreleased tracks from Trip Note, as well as live performances of Out of the Blue and Petty Tyrant. 

I wrote Petty Tyrant in 1984. Last time I played it was around 1988 (which was also pretty much the last time I played with a band). It was inspired by Carlos Castaneda. But it sounds like Buddhist take on the ego to me now. Interesting.

Also included are tracks from my recent album Magic Moon and A Matter of Time, and the stories behind them. Music not available anywhere else! Click here for the video of the live in studio performance of Out of the Blue. Click here to view the Petty Tyrant video.

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