Podcast Episode 17 Q4. Paul Kitchen | Live from the InSync Asylum

Three Live Performances and some unreleased music from the archives. Episode 17 of Live from the InSync Asylum!

Welcome to Episode 17 of my podcast.  Let me take you on a tour of over 40 years of words and music, Live from the InSync Asylum. Featuring rare and unreleased music as well as live performances. This episode features two unreleased tracks from the archives, as well as live performances of ‘I Can’t Get Along Without Her’, ‘Two Grey Rooms’ and ‘Embrace the Night’. 

I wrote I Can’t Get Along Without Her in 1992. It was originally released in ’93 on my ‘And We Dream’ album. There’s a 2007 version on my YouTube channel you may want to check out too. I first attempted this acoustic version in 2014, and tweaked that to use for the backing track. It’s one of the few songs I’ve played Cajón on.

I recorded the album ‘Wheelhouse‘ in 2016, featuring my favorite songs by artists that have influenced me. Two Grey Rooms by Joni Mitchell was an easy choice, as I’d loved it since first hearing in on her 1991 album ‘Night Ride Home’. I tweaked and stripped down the Wheelhouse track to use as backing, and did a live vocal with guitar. Love Joni Mitchell. Sending all the best to her.

I wrote Embrace the Night in 1985. It was originally from a collection of songs called ‘Vital Sines’, and i later recorded it on ‘A Matter of Time

Also included are tracks from my recent album Magic Moon and And We Dream, and the stories behind them. Music not available anywhere else!

Click here for the video of the live in studio performance of I Can’t Get Along Without Her.

Click here to view the Two Grey Rooms video.

Click here to view the Embrace the Night video.

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