The Making of Trip Note

The idea of a career retrospective started to take shape with the transfer of my 8 track tapes to Cubase in the fall of 2014.  By archiving and getting some of that stuff into my computer, I was able to discover some things I didn’t know I had, remix others and add to some.  As the next few years wore on, and with the start of my Podcast ‘Live From the inSync Asylum’, Trip Note: 1978-2018 started to come into focus.  So here we are 7 years later, and Trip Note is done and released.  It’s now  4 double albums featuring 66 songs and over 5 hours of music, nearly all of which have never been released before, or heard in the versions on the albums. 

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that even I was in my prime at one time.  And in this collections 40-year-span, 1980-1995 was a particularly productive stretch, and largely unavailable until the release of Trip Note. 

I drew upon all the media I have access to –  half-inch and quarter-inch Reel-to-Reel tapes, Dat Tapes, Cassette Tapes, Old Mixes and backups on CD and Disc Drives.  The challenge was trying to find a reasonably consistent sound quality.  Anything that could be remixed, was. The original recordings were of all kinds of quality, including pretty bad quality! But as they say – it is was it is.  I know this collection is really for me – If I want to hear something old – it will now be easier to find and with a consistent high quality sound.  The first few years of my recordings were done using a pretty primitive setup.  I had a cassette deck, a mic, some cables and some kind of splitter box from Radio Shack.  I then started borrowing cassette decks from my friends, and bouncing tracks back and forth between them.  The noise builds up with that method, but I got some music out of it.  It would be years later before I actually had a reverb unit, but the earliest recordings use my old Fender Twin Reverb amp or an old Traynor PA mixer head for reverb.  I guess my original monitoring situation was my stereo at the time or headphones –don’t remember.  Not sure when direct recording started  – probably when I got a Tascam 4 Track and a Teac Mixer.  That later became an 8 Track Tascam 38, and an 18 channel Ramsa mixer. 

My use of computers and sequencers started in the early 90’s, when my friend and keyboard player Doug Ortega lent me an old IBM DOS machine to run early versions of Cakewalk. That led to SMTPE time code and syncing the PC to 8 track. I think it was 98/99 when I switched to Logic Audio and recording audio to disc for the first time. It’s been that way ever since…

Check out the Trip Note category, for my individual posts and comments on different songs and the four volumes, as well as recent podcasts. Also be sure to check out Trip Note in the store. Enjoy! 

Vol. 1Musicians/Written/Recorded/Album
1Here 04:07B19791986Live Craw
2Reflect 03:52A19782000Unreleased
3Trip Note (Acoustic) 01:19A19791980Consumer
4Trip Note 02:09B19791986Live Craw
5All in the Cards 02:17A19791979Consumer
6Nothing to Lose 03:12B19791988Drunk Man Live
7Starring (Shaky Air) 06:06A19791995Unreleased
8Raped 07:54A, D19791980Consumer
9Nightmare 03:32A, D19781979Consumer
10Underground 05:06A, D19791980Consumer
11Beauty and Tension (Acoustic) 04:11A19801980Consumer
12Beauty and Tension 06:23A19801981Metallic Scorn
13Baby Blues 02:46A19801980Consumer
14Misty Gazes 04:56A19801980Consumer
15The Present 06:11B19811990Unreleased
16Crazy Wind (Live) 03:15B19821988Drunk Man Live
17Crazy Wind 04:40A19821982Silent Tears
Vol. 2
1You Told Me 02:59B19831986Live Craw
2Caught By Your Heartbeat 03:40A19831986Vital Sines
3Raindrops 05:59A19821986Vital Sines
4Your World And Mine 04:43A19831983Abstract Attack
5Make It To The Weekend 03:51B19831988Drunk Man Live
6The Emperor Has No Clothes 04:29A19831983Abstract Attack
7Heading Down 05:41B19841988Drunk Man Live
8Abstract Attack 05:33B19831986Live Craw
9Metallic Scorn 07:03A19811983Acquiesce
10Given Moment 05:40A19841984Petty Tyrant
11Life Forces 04:59B19821988Drunk Man Live
12Off the Wall 04:27B19831986Live Craw
13In Trouble 04:30A19831986Holding Patterns
14Just A Matter Of Time 04:26A19831983Common Ground
15Daddy’s Little Girl 04:36A19841987Holding Patterns
16I’m Still In Love With You 05:19A19842000Unreleased
Vol. 3
1Get Close 03:20A19851999A Matter of Time
2More Than Today 03:26A, C19851985Inner Dialogues
3Settled Down Too Young 07:26A, C19851985Inner Dialogues
4Loaded Question 05:23A, C19851985Inner Dialogues
5New Day 02:40A, C19851985Inner Dialogues
6Embrace the Night 03:22A19851985Vital Sines
7Down for the Count 03:30A19871987No Poetry Allowed
8When I Fall Apart 03:15A19871987No Poetry Allowed
9Civilized Man 04:52A19871987No Poetry Allowed
10Every Little Thing 04:41A19871987No Poetry Allowed
11Blend With the Night 05:22A19871987No Poetry Allowed
12Regard the Light 04:58A,C19881988In a Blue Night
13In a Blue Night 04:16A,C19881988In a Blue Night
14Wistful 02:23A19881988In a Blue Night
15I Talk to Jesus (Acoustic) 05:39A19882007Unreleased
16Far Away 05:41A19881989Lost in Babylon
17I Need You to Love Me (Acoustic) 04:56A19892007Unreleased
18Put Your Love in My Hands 04:14A19931993Single
19Phone RapA19911991Unreleased
Vol. 4
1I Can’t Get Along Without Her 05:00A19932008Unreleased
2Whisper Falls 06:07A, C19932017Unreleased
3Blueasia – Out of My Mind – Liar 06:03A, C19931993Unreleased
4Sign of the Times (Acoustic) 05:19A19912007Unreleased
5Little Johnny (Acoustic) 05:34A19922007Unreleased
6Crying 07:26A19951995Fighting Gravity
7One Heartbeat at a Time 06:23A19981998Fighting Gravity
8In Trouble (2014)A19832014Single
9Middle of Nowhere ( Acoustic)A20152015Unreleased
10Living with Fiction (Stripped MixA20152015Unreleased
11Hard to Let Go (Stripped Mix)A20142015Unreleased
12Teach My Heart (Stripped Mix)A20172018Unreleased
13When You Tell Me You Love Me (Stripped Mix) 05:34A20172018Single
14Itkumtwoez 04:32A19781978Unreleased
APaul Kitchen: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Lap Steel, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion.
BPaul Kitchen: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion.
Doug Ortega: Keyboards
Scott Rishebarger: Drums
Mark Rishebarger: Guitar
CDoug Ortega: Keyboards
DScott Rishebarger: Drums
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Paul Kitchen | Trip Note: 1978-2018 Vol. 4 Out Today

My new album Trip Note: 1978-2018 Vol. 4 is out today. Volume 4 Starts where Volume 3 left off, focusing on the albums ‘And We Dream‘, ‘A Matter of Time‘, ‘Living with Fiction‘ and ‘Blue Tattoo‘. Trip Note ended up taking me 7 years to curate, and 40 years to record. The four-album set features 66 tracks and over 5 hours of unreleased music. I think there is some good stuff in there, and hope you check it out. 

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