Whisper Falls Video

Whisper Falls was originally released on the ‘And We Dream’ album in 1993, with a largely electric version. That’s not the way the song was for the bulk of it’s creation, when it was largely a keyboard driven track and much more somber. Turns out by the time I had the lyrics and was ready to add vocals, the song had mutated into the released version. So I never heard it the way I thought it would end up. In 2017 I started playing with the midi files, which were originally done in Cakewalk on the PC, but made their way thru Logic Audio on the Mac and the PC. Pretty sure I only added Strat, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals to it – keeping the original midi tracks as they were, and trying to recreate those keyboard sounds in Halion and Padshop. The original also had a string outro which was not in the midi file, so I tacked that on via an old mix of the instrumental version from around 1993. I’m happy to finally hear Whisper Falls the way I thought it would be. Pretty cool. The video adds a bit of gravity to the song, which is fitting. This version is on the upcoming album Trip Note Vol. 4. I hope you like it. #NewSingle #NewMusic #NewMusicFriday #paulkitchen #tripnote #whisperfalls

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