Podcast Episode 19 Q6. Paul Kitchen | Live from the InSync Asylum

The Making of the New Album & Three Live Performances. Episode 19 of Live from the InSync Asylum!

Welcome to Episode 19 of my podcast.  Let me take you on a tour of over 40 years of words and music, Live from the InSync Asylum. Featuring rare and unreleased music as well as live performances. This episode features a track written by Dan Penn and info on the Making of the new album ‘Live From the inSync Asylum: Volume 1‘, as well as live performances of ‘Running down This Road’, ‘I’m Still in Love With You’ and ‘Crazy Wind’. 

Paul Kitchen | Running down This Road Live From the inSync Asylum 6-19-2020. The 15th date on my ‘No Rhyme or Reason Tour’. Running down This Road is from my 2015 album ‘Living with Fiction‘, released on my 58th birthday. It’s one of the only songs from my long dry spell, and actually was started in 2009 I think. I found my way out of a dark stretch, and Living with Fiction was the vehicle. For the backing track, I took the album track and stripped it down, changed the drum kit and added a couple new loops at the end. Live vocal and guitar 6-19…

Paul Kitchen | I’m Still in Love With You Live From the inSync Asylum 7-1-2020. The 16th date on my ‘No Rhyme or Reason Tour’. I wrote I’m Still in Love With You in 1984. It was originally on a collection of songs called ‘Petty Tyrant’. In 1999 I attempted another version of the song, intended for my ‘A Matter of Time’ album, but for whatever reason didn’t include it. At that time, I was using Logic Audio on the PC. I’ve only recently figured out how to piece those tracks back together, and get them into my current day DAW Cubase. For the backing track of this live version, I used mostly the ’99 track, but tweaked stripped added beats, drums, guitar and keys. I then imported the Prophet 600 synth bass track from the ’84 version. I did four takes of the song adding live vocal and strat – two of which broke down halfway thru. This is a comp of take 2 and 4 – the complete takes.

Paul Kitchen | Crazy Wind Live From the inSync Asylum. The 17th date on my ‘No Rhyme or Reason Tour’. I wrote the song Crazy Wind 38 years ago. It was included on an early collection of songs of mine titled ‘Silent Tears’, which I finished in July of 1982. It took me a bit of time to figure out how to play this song now. The recordings from back then are in tune with themselves hopefully, but not so much my digital tuner today. If you want to hear the earlier recording, check out Episode 11 of my Podcast. For the backing track for this, there was nothing from the 1982 recording I could use, so I recorded Guitars, Keys, Drums and Percussion for this prior to doing the live take. It’s a quirky catchy tune – be sure you want it in your head before listening…

Also included is track from my recent album Magic Moon as well as the stories behind them. Music not available anywhere else!

Click here to view the Running down This Road video.

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Click here to view the Crazy Wind video.

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