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The second single from my upcoming album is now available. It’s one of my favorite songs by David Crosby. I was 11 years old when the first CSN album came out, and was already familiar with the Byrds hits that came before. I cut my teeth on these guys, and I think you can hear that in this track. It’s quite a bit different from the original, and takes the song in a different direction I think. Check out the CSN original and then take my version for a spin. If you like it, please download and share. thx PK

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Episode 11. Paul Kitchen | Live from the InSync Asylum

New Music and a New Podcast. Episode 11 of Live from the InSync Asylum!

Welcome to Episode 11 of my podcast.  Let me take you on a tour of 40 years of words and music, Live from the InSync Asylum. Featuring rare and unreleased music as well as live performances. This episode includes an unreleased track from Trip Note, recent releases, and a tribute to Skip Groff of Yesterday & Today Records.  Also included are tracks from Wheelhouse, Living with Fiction, A Matter of Time and the stories behind them. Music not available anywhere else! Follow me on Spotify!

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