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I think in most artists career, they hopefully have one or more stretches of time where they’re firing on all cylinders.  The completion of And We Dream (AWD) in November 1993 was the culmination of such a peak period for me as it turns out.  I had little idea then, that it would be just over 22 years before my next ‘completed’ album of new songs.  In retrospect, AWD was the end of a very productive 15 years of writing and recording music.

The original liner notes I wrote for AWD are included below, and refer to a four and a half year period, which includes the nearly 3 years of recordings that make up this album. During that time I was initially focused on ‘Mosaic’, an ambitious idea to have two 30 minute sides of continuous music.  4 tracks originally intended for Mosaic did make their way onto AWD.  Approximately 50 tracks were committed to tape in varying degrees of completion during the 4 ½ year period, plus a lot of additional midi song ideas recorded to a midi sequencer.  I was also using SMTPE time code to sync the sequencer to my Tascam 38 8 Track.  I needed more tracks and this worked – though now because of this, there is no way I can remix any of these tracks.

Only a handful of people have heard the original release of And We Dream, which featured 16 tracks including 2 instrumentals and 3 covers.  For this remastered release, I think removing those 5 tracks makes for a strong collection of original songs.  I hope you like it.  Now in my 40th year of recording music, And We Dream clearly stands out as a highlight.

Paul Kitchen
January 6, 2017

Here are the original liner notes from 1993 (though it appears I worked on it for another month, and included another song):

10 songs, 19th album, 35 years old and four and a half years in the not finishing. The clock is ticking, and this is the first album of new songs I’ve released that I knew I wasn’t done with. Definitely rough around the edges, with lots of things I’d like to change. Only thing is; I don’t mind listening to it. Also, at the rate I’m going, it’ll never be finished. 

Written and recorded over a period of almost 3 years, I’ve focused on the songs that have stuck in my head this time around. Too much mid range, tinny highs, not enough bass, lousy snare, bad mix; forget about it. Listen and enjoy.    

Hey! If nothing else works, tell yourself they’re demos!  


September ’93

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