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I’m happy to announce that my album A Matter of Time (AMOT) was re-released yesterday as a digital-only-release.  I released ‘Living with Fiction’ a year ago on my birthday, which ended a pretty long dry spell for me, as it was my first album of new material since AMOT in 2001. While I am working on a number of projects to celebrate my 40th year in music next year, I have a few albums I’d like to remaster and reissue as well. AMOT has been unavailable for a number of years, so I thought it a great place to start.

As a little background (and I admit I have a very selective memory), I remember being a bit frustrated with the overall state of my music and recordings after releasing And We Dream in 1993. I recorded a new album Fighting Gravity in ’98/’99 which I never completely finished.  I then started a new project with the working title Old Friends, recording updated versions of some of what I considered to be my better songs.  This ultimately became AMOT and was largely recorded in 1999 and 2000.  Here are the comments I wrote for the promo package I put together at the time:

I’ve thought about revisiting some of my songs for a while now. Working on the ‘20 Years of Words and Music’ web site in 1997 got me thinking about it, and a major studio upgrade in ‘99 started me on the path to what has become ‘A Matter of Time’. Maybe ‘A Matter of Bits and Bytes’ would have been more appropriate, due to the all-digital approach I took this time around in recording the album.

Either way, I hope that some of these songs have stood the test of time. I’ve picked many of my favorites from over the years to re-record (going as far back as 1979). You’ll also find a new song, pulled from the pile of tracks slated for the next new album. Stay tuned….


January, 2001

Using my current software tools for remastering, I tried to clean up and beef up the tracks the best I could after transfering them from DAT tape, which was my preferred mix-down medium at that time. I would have loved to remix this album, but since it was my first album recorded digitally on the computer, I am no longer able to access the original tracks, since the software used at the time is obsolete.

I hope you enjoy the newly remastered version, and would love to hear your comments…

Paul Kitchen
December, 8 2016

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