New Music On Tap For 2015

I’m excited to announce that two new albums of music are in the works for 2015. ‘Living With Fiction’ is my first album of all new original songs since ‘And We Dream’ in 1993, so the 22 year drought will finally come to an end. It’s not like I haven’t been recording during that time. I did release ‘A Matter of Time’ in 2001, which included re-recordings of a number of my songs, plus one new song. There are a lot of recordings not released, most of which I’ve never finished, or was unhappy with. But a surge of recording over the past two years has resulted in a pile of stuff, most of it not finished according to my standards (which seems to be par for the course at this point).

Another thing that’s been happening these past two years has been my archiving a lot of my old work: From DAT tapes, Cassette tapes, and most recently 1/2 inch 8 Track tapes. Bringing the 8 track stuff into the current studio setup presented the opportunity to play with it – literally. The result of that is ‘Retread’, a new album of older songs that includes performances spanning 30 plus years on some tracks, while at the same time sounding fresh and current. So keep an eye out for the release of these two new albums, and please join my mailing list by clicking the link at the top of the page to get an taste of early mixes etc.

All The Best,
Paul Kitchen
December 2014

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